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Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Sat Sep 3 01:38:31 EDT 2005

I am the one who said, "End of Discussion".
I am the one who didn't have a problem with anyone or anything.
But YOU (and others) won't let it go. So here's my reply.
Which I'm sure, according to you, is more "bad behavior"
on my part. I understand that some people really hate it
when the should-be obvious is pointed out with logic and truth.
Yeah, right, "It's all my fault."


And I'm the "rude one", when it is OTHERS who were
attacking me for no good reason. Making the INITIAL,
*INCREASING* attacks and rude remarks TO ME.
And NOT 'letting it go.'
(when I wanted to 'let it go' from the start -- *I* wasn't
the one who was making a big deal about something, over and
over and over -- I was not the one with the problem(s))

But I'm the one with the "bad behavior."

After I POLITELY explained my position AGAIN and AGAIN.
Individually, and on the list, when OTHER PEOPLE kept bringing
it up and WOULDN'T LET IT GO.
(but you either aren't able to understand that, and/or don't care,
and/or _conveniently_ choose to not see that)

But, again, "it is all my fault." (according to you, and others)

After I pointed out that the type was already so small that I
already had some difficulty seeing it.

But you could care less about that, right?

"Screw Bill and his eyesight." "That's his problem, not mine."
"Why does Bill keep making such a big deal about this??"
"What is Bill's problem?" "Why won't he let this go???"

So I am the uncaring, rude, doesn't give a crap, "won't let it go",
"it's all his [my] fault", "bad behavior" list member.
Who should be "kicked off the list."

What a Freaking Joke.

And thanks for the 'silent support' from the rest of you.

Some of you are sure good at self-embarrassing yourselves.
Congratulations on being good at something.
(apologies if the simple logic and truth of the matter herewith
taxes anyone's brain and/or causes them to psychologically 'act out' ---
I would say, "end of discussion" again, but I understand that only
applies to me, and others are free to reply and commment at will)

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