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Sat Sep 3 13:16:15 EDT 2005

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On 9/3/05, Bill Donnelly <donnelly at snowcrest.net> wrote:
> I am the one who said, "End of Discussion".
> I am the one who didn't have a problem with anyone or anything.
> But YOU (and others) won't let it go. So here's my reply.
> Which I'm sure, according to you, is more "bad behavior"
> on my part. I understand that some people really hate it
> when the should-be obvious is pointed out with logic and truth.
> ---------------------------------
> Yeah, right, "It's all my fault."
> And I'm the "rude one", when it is OTHERS who were
> attacking me for no good reason. Making the INITIAL,
> *INCREASING* attacks and rude remarks TO ME.
> And NOT 'letting it go.'
> (when I wanted to 'let it go' from the start -- *I* wasn't
> the one who was making a big deal about something, over and
> over and over -- I was not the one with the problem(s))
> But I'm the one with the "bad behavior."
> After I POLITELY explained my position AGAIN and AGAIN.
> Individually, and on the list, when OTHER PEOPLE kept bringing
> it up and WOULDN'T LET IT GO.
> (but you either aren't able to understand that, and/or don't care,
> and/or _conveniently_ choose to not see that)
> But, again, "it is all my fault." (according to you, and others)
> After I pointed out that the type was already so small that I
> already had some difficulty seeing it.
> But you could care less about that, right?
> "Screw Bill and his eyesight." "That's his problem, not mine."
> "Why does Bill keep making such a big deal about this??"
> "What is Bill's problem?" "Why won't he let this go???"
> So I am the uncaring, rude, doesn't give a crap, "won't let it go",
> "it's all his [my] fault", "bad behavior" list member.
> Who should be "kicked off the list."
> What a Freaking Joke.
> And thanks for the 'silent support' from the rest of you.
> Some of you are sure good at self-embarrassing yourselves.
> Congratulations on being good at something.
> (apologies if the simple logic and truth of the matter herewith
> taxes anyone's brain and/or causes them to psychologically 'act out' ---
> I would say, "end of discussion" again, but I understand that only
> applies to me, and others are free to reply and commment at will)
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