[Greasemonkey] fails in Firefox/Ubuntu

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Sat Sep 3 14:53:39 EDT 2005

larytet.15770275 at bloglines.com wrote:
> i think my fiefox installation is Ok. i do not notice any problems.
> + i tried to reinstall it this morning. i made a clean installation and currently
> GM is the only extension i have.
The URL with the parse error is part of firefox. Hopefully it's fixed now.
> i checked about:config and i see 3 entries
> relates to GM
> greasemonkey.editor /home/arkady/temp/butler.user.js
> greasemonkey.enabled
> true
> greasemonkey.version 0.5.1
> /home/arkady/temp/butler.user.js is a
> script i downloaded from the home page and this file exists  adn all permissions
> are set. what is wrong in my steupt ? 
> what do you mean by "editor" ? path
> to any text editor like gedit ? 
> thank you, akrady
You've got it :) Just set greasemonkey.editor to the path to gedit. For 
example, '/usr/bin/gedit' . If you don't know where gedit is installed, 
just run 'which gedit' from the command line.


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