[Greasemonkey] fails in Firefox/Ubuntu

Arkady larytet at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 3 12:17:07 EDT 2005

ok i got it. i know to install scripts. looks like i
missed someting while reading the help (as usual when
reading FAQs i skip the most important parts) or may
be the help is not updated. the tricky part for me was
that i have to open the file in Firefox to make menu
"Install this user script" visible.
i appreciate your help a lot.

unrelated to the thread. i started the whole mess with
GM because i want to fetch links (ASX files) to media
files on CNN.com to play the videos on my Linux
desktop. The call to JS on the CNN web site looks like
the real link to ASX file 
JS adds prefix http://dynamic.cnn.com/apps/tp/ and
filename is always the same video.ws.asx  i did not
try to read JS code, but apparently it always does the
same thing - the same prefix and the same filename.
i understand that GM is the tool for this problem, am
i right ?
if the scripti already exists may you point me to one
any tips regarding possible problems lying ahead of me
thank you, arkady

--- Nikolas Coukouma <lists at atrus.org> wrote:

> larytet.15770275 at bloglines.com wrote:
> > i think my fiefox installation is Ok. i do not
> notice any problems.
> > + i tried to reinstall it this morning. i made a
> clean installation and currently
> > GM is the only extension i have.
> >   
> The URL with the parse error is part of firefox.
> Hopefully it's fixed now.
> > i checked about:config and i see 3 entries
> > relates to GM
> > greasemonkey.editor
> /home/arkady/temp/butler.user.js
> > greasemonkey.enabled
> > true
> > greasemonkey.version 0.5.1
> >
> > /home/arkady/temp/butler.user.js is a
> > script i downloaded from the home page and this
> file exists  adn all permissions
> > are set. what is wrong in my steupt ? 
> > what do you mean by "editor" ? path
> > to any text editor like gedit ? 
> > thank you, akrady
> You've got it :) Just set greasemonkey.editor to the
> path to gedit. For 
> example, '/usr/bin/gedit' . If you don't know where
> gedit is installed, 
> just run 'which gedit' from the command line.
> Cheers,
> -Nikolas
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