[Greasemonkey] Userscripts.org - remove a tag

Alec Burgess (g) buralex at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 01:51:46 EDT 2005

Hi: (I'm sending this to email address that appears on userscripts.org Home
page and copying to the greasemonkey dev list)

Sometime ago I created two tags that could be used to signal problems
aa_may_be_broken and requests to author/or other for a change/enhancement to
a user script aa_change_request.

More recently I tried to remove the aa_may_be_broken tag from a script which
the author had corrected. I couldn't find any way to remove the tag and at
the time sent a request for clarification to the main greasemonkey dev list
but (unless I missed it) didn't get a reply.

I revisited the issue tonight and *somehow* managed to get a trashcan icon
to appear after the tag. Clicking it removed the tag, but for the life of me
can't figure out what controls whether the trashcan icon appears or not.

Could you clarify?

Regards ... Alec

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