[Greasemonkey] Adding Bookmarks from GM

dmccunney dennis.mccunney at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 16:19:54 EDT 2005

On 9/6/05, Bill Donnelly <donnelly at snowcrest.net> wrote:

> Yes, I neglected to mention that, as that's not what I wanted.
> I don't like the sidebar thingy.

Good heavens.  The sidebar is one of Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox's most
compelling features.
> However, I just tried it again, to remember what I didn't like
> about the sidebar (altho I think it was that it's a sidebar, because
> it opens up the sidebar (if it's not already open) and that takes up
> screen real estate), and it now pops up the regular bookmarks dialog.

> But I do have the Tabbrowser Preferences extension,
> the Add Bookmark Here 0.5.3 extension, the Openbook 1.3.3
> extension, and the Favicon Picker 0.2.5 extension installed,
> which may be modifying the way it works.

Personally, I open my Bookmarks in the sidebar as the standard
configuration.  I have enough bookmarks (close to 4MB worth) that I
have multiple folders to place them in, and adding a new one is a drag
and drop to the proper sidebar location operation.

I run a 19" monitor in 1600x1200 mode at home, and two 17" monitors
seen as one *big* 2560x1024 monitor at the office (courtesy of a
Matrox G450 dual headed video card), so I don't normally begrudge the
real estate.

But if you do, there are two extensions worth looking at: All In One
Sidebar and EZ Sidebar.

All In One Sidebar incorporates a number of features found in stand
alone extensions.  The first thing it does is let you expand/collapse
the sidebar by clicking on the left border.  It also allows you to
open a numbr of things in the sidebar.  Aside from Bookmarks and
History, you can open the DOM Inspector, Download Manager, Extension
Manager, and Theme Manager in the Sidebar, optionally sorting the
listings alphabetically and using the "slim" listing form offered by
the Slim Extension List extension.  All In One Sidebar also includes
the ability to combine the Stop/Rewind button, and can force the
Bookmark Manager to open in a new tab, as well as supporting sidebar
use for a variety of other extensions, like the Grep sidebar.  You can
find more info on it here:


EZ Sidebar is an extension by Piro, the author of Tabbrowser
Extensions.  EZ Sidebar lets you undock the sidebar as a seperate
window.  It also claims to supports loading old-syle Mozilla sidebar
tabs in Firefox, though I haven't really tested that usage.  You can
get it at


Current versions of All-In-One-Sidebar and EZ-Sidebar are compatible
and can be installed together.  I have both installed, and am

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