[Greasemonkey] Philosophy of configuration designs

John Plsek gm at plsek.id.au
Tue Sep 13 16:30:59 EDT 2005

Randy J. Ray wrote:

> I want to re-visit the discussion over ways of letting users configure 
> GM scripts that require various config data. I read up on the 
> archives, so I'm not looking to re-hash the arguments from that 
> thread. Rather, I want to get some feedback about what I see as two 
> ways of configuration:
That's the second time my reply got totally WASHED CLEAN ... seems I 
have to send the response in Plain text, no Auto Detect!!!

Anyway .... what I DID say was:

Personally, I prefer self contained scripts, websites do "go down", and 
you KNOW it'll happen at the worst possible moment!!

However, I do agree, the configuration code can more than double the 
size of a script and can become cumbersome to maintain when adding 
features to a script.


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