[Greasemonkey] 0.6.2 UI - could be better.

Aaron Boodman zboogs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 09:21:06 EDT 2005

On 9/13/05, Timothy Babych <tim at innovativemarketing.com.ua> wrote:
> Just want to throw my 2c into discussion.
> Script Installing.
> ------------------
> The script installing animation totally rocks! Thanks.

Heh, I like it too. But I worry it might not be obvious enough. I
think a "toast" design, like when you receive mail in outlook or gmail
might be better.

> Monkeyface menu.
> ---------------
> I just do not like that menu pops up on left-click. Almost every UI I
> use makes shows such menus on *right* click. In not too distant past GM
> behaved this way and I liked it.

I agree that it seems to be the convention that the menu comes up on
the right click. But the left click is usually used in such cases to
activate the corresponding program. For example left clicking the
Google talk icon brings talk windows to the front, right-clicking
shows the menu.

There's nothing for me to activate on left click, so I'd rather do
something useful. IMO it's more likely that new non-power users will
attempt left clicking before right-clicking.

> I click on monkeyface with right button and cry in despair - nothing
> happens.

I could make it pop up for both kind of clicks.

> It would be more convenient to open userscript commands from document
> context menu - just click somewhere on the page and choose item from
> "Userscript" menu. May be the script can even react to the page object
> clicked (just dreaming).

It's been a longtime goal to put commands into the context menu. I
never thought of putting them *only* in the context menu. Again it
seems like one of those things that's maybe ideal, but that people
might not think of. So I'd rather have it in both places.

But I could probably be convinced on any of this. Except making the
monkey menu accessible. It must stay inaccessible!


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