[Greasemonkey] New script: Familiar Taste, a del.icio.us Greasemonkey script

Randy Ray rjray at blackperl.com
Wed Sep 14 20:44:47 EDT 2005

After many trials (mostly brought on as a result of trying to code Javascript
while under the influence of post-surgery painkillers), I've made my first GM
script available:


I call it "Familiar Taste". The purpose is simple: when you visit a web page,
it checks to see if you have bookmarked that page with del.icio.us. If so, it
pops-up a simple reminder of the date you posted it, and the tags. Other bits
are configurable. As the web page explains, I did it because after 900+
del.icio.us bookmarks, I really can't remember if a page I'm looking at has
already been posted or not...

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