[Greasemonkey] New script: Familiar Taste, a del.icio.us Greasemonkey script

Randy J. Ray rjray at blackperl.com
Thu Sep 15 02:59:40 EDT 2005

> I love this idea but isn't it expensive? For every page you visit, you
> query del.icio.us?
> Does GM have anything that can cache data for situations like this?

It uses the del.icio.us API, which is (supposedly) a good deal lighter on the
servers than actual HTML page fetches.

I toyed with some caching schemes, but none seemed really feasible. First
problem was when and how-often to refresh, since calling del for a complete set
of a user's bookmarks is truly a load-heavy operation. Also complicating
matters was how to store the data; the GM_{get,set}Value interface would be a
terrible choice, since it's just a front-end to Firefox's user-prefs system.
User-prefs isn't really set up for the kind of data that a 1000+-bookmark set
would do to it. There are some XPCOM hooks for creating storage files in the
user-profile area, but I didn't really want to get into that.

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