[Greasemonkey] Correct Script

Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Sat Apr 29 04:20:58 EDT 2006

If it is a direct link, unembed only works if it is embedded in an HTML 
(I don't know if you are using my unembed script, or someone else's:
http://www.snowcrest.net/donnelly/firefox/gmscripts/unembed2.user.js )

I went to http://wilcoworld.net/roadcase/ and get a link there, but, 
when I download
it, it downloads a ~3K file instead of the media file. I'm guessing this is
what you're getting, too. (?)

Try this:


I'm not sure exactly what it is downloading. It almost looks like some 
sort of an
auto-play redirection file. (?) Kind of like a Windows Media .asx sort 
of thing.
But apparently "encrypted" in some binary format rather than plain text.
Probably some Quicktime weirdness of some sort.

It looks like it may be redirecting to


which is Real Player, but I'm not sure about that. (the redirection thing)
It seems to be playing in the Quicktime player, though.

Anyway, either it's a purposeful "protection scheme", or just working 
out that way.

So it isn't a Gm thing. Or a GmScript thing. Or probably even a Firefox 

I'm not sure what else you can try other than what you probably have.

Dan Snow wrote:
 > I currently have the unembed script with greasemonkey. There is a 
.mov quicktime file that i would like to take off a website and put it 
on a cd except there is one problem i can save the file but it brings me 
up to a live stream-type kind of file. The file plays what i want but is 
less than 100k? is this streaming audio and/or how can i extract it? The 
website for the .mov file is 
http://wilcoworld.net/roadcase/jefftweedy_022506_ref.mov any help would 
be extremely appreciated
 > -Dan

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