[Greasemonkey] Adding GeoTags to Flickr photos for GMaps

Kairam, Raj KairamR at coned.com
Tue Feb 28 10:13:31 EST 2006

Dear list member,

I am trying to geotag some photos that are in Flickr. My Firefox
( on a WinXP (Version 2002, SP2, 1280x1024) machine has the
extensions, Greasemonkey, and the two user scripts, geotag.gmaps.user.js
and geotag.flickr.user.js, installed.  They are made available by
Stephen Fernandez at http://steeev.f2o.org/ <http://steeev.f2o.org/>

Following his instructions, I am not able to add geotags to my photos.

In his article 'Geotagging Flickr with Google Maps and Greasemonkey,
Part 2' , he says ..

6) You should see a new link next to "add tags" link on the right,
called "add GeoTags", click that link, and an input box will be spalyed.

I see the "add GeoTags" link but when I click no input box comes up.

If any one went past this, I request them to drop a line offering any
advice. I read the comments by users in that article but found no
resolution on this. I wrote to Steve but still waiting to hear from him.


Raj Kairam

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