[Greasemonkey] Mark my links: an E4X example

chris feldmann cfeldmann at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 01:33:11 EST 2006

On 3/3/06, Johan Sundström <oyasumi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > That is a very interesting script, if not in itself all that useful to
> > me as no one really links to me.
> I have actually found it quite nice regardless, just populating it
> with a few sites such as Wikipedia, Flickr, NY Times, Slashdot and
> other places people typically refer to, to give visual cues about
> where I might end up following links without having to hover them.
> > It looks, at a glance, like you might have provisionally solved the
> > whole innerHTML vs. DOM dilemma using e4x in your append_to
> > function (at least for XHTML)?
> Credits should go to Mor Roses, as mentioned, but yes, that was what I
> was hoping to do. And it seems to work fine for (injecting into) HTML
> (documents) too.
> > At least you are appending XML intermixed with javascript variables
> > in one fell swoop and if it doesn't solve the dilemma, it makes a lot
> > of things I can think of a lot more convenient. Not that I personally
> > have big issues with just using innerHTML where appropriate....
> I would go easy on the convenience argument; it is *very* easy to
> shoot yourself in the foot with a simple typo during development
> without getting proper debugging support, so I'm not sure I would
> recommend adopting it on a wide scale yet.
> > I am also enamored of your event handler construct.
> > In theory.
> Again, standing on the shoulders of giants, picking the cherries from
> the list. I was experiencing very frequent browser crashes and thought
> I would try that method. Not sure if it has helped or not, but if
> event handler leakage is the problem it has been said to be, at least
> it should address that.
> Should such problems not go away anytime soon (maybe my assumption of
> this being a gc bug in firefox is flawed), I would like to see
> something like that in Greasemonkey for a GM_addEvent( to, name, cb,
> capture) helper; it is a very unwieldy gob of code to keep around in
> every script doing user interaction in more style than prompt() and
> confirm().
> --
>  / Johan Sundström, http://ecmanaut.blogspot.com/

In code and prose you belie what I take to be a winking joke of your
blog pic (chin in hand, lost in thought) by making it seem less a joke
and more an earnest depiction of your nature.

With a joke wrapped in.

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