[Greasemonkey] is selection a click?

Roderick McGuire mcguire at telerama.com
Wed Mar 8 16:09:38 EST 2006

I have a script where it would be convenient if the user selecting text 
with the mouse always generated at click event.

The user script below seems to demonstrate that a click is generated 
only if the selection is entirely within one #text node - Try it with a 
selection that spans DOM nodes, and then click the “dummy button”.

Is there any event generated when a DOM spanning selection is made?

Also I don't understand the logic of when selections are collapsed - if 
you make a selection and then click on some body text the selection is 
collapsed/removed. However if you click on the "dummy button" provided 
by the below script, this click does not remove the selection (which of 
course makes sense). What is the mechanism behind this?

// ==UserScript==
// @name           is selection a click?
// @namespace      ~rmm
// @description    demonstrates click vs selection behavior
// @include        *
// ==/UserScript==

function bodyClick(e){
  var sel = window.getSelection();
   var range = sel.getRangeAt(0);
  GM_log('\ngot a click, selection = ' + sel);
  if (!range.collapsed)
   {var tempDiv = document.createElement('div');
     GM_log('\nselection HTML =\n'
            + tempDiv.innerHTML);

PAN = document.createElement('div');
PAN.id ='MyPan';
PAN.innerHTML = '<button>dummy button</button>';

GM_addStyle('#MyPan {z-index: 1000; position: fixed; right: 0; bottom: 
0; padding: 3px; color: rgb(0,0,0); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 200)}');

document.addEventListener("click", function (e){bodyClick(e)}, false);

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