[MacEd] Newbe and macro for thunderbird

Andrea M. acme at email.it
Thu Dec 18 17:42:46 EST 2003

Biju G C ha scritto:

>  --- "Andrea M." <acme at email.it> wrote: 
>>That's I'm trying to do, but, for now, I can't hold the new editor 
>>"window", I also tried various "set focus" methods, but apparently there 
>>is a "timeout" problem. In effect I also noticed that the content 
>>windows already has the focus, the cursor is blinking in the correct 
>>place, but the macro doesn't work.
> one correction, the mail editor is
> \content\messenger\messengercompose\messengercompose.xul in mail.jar
> it also overlay many files in \content\editor dir

Hi Biju, unfortunately my english doesn't permit me to express my 
gratitude. I just tested you macro, and it works very well, now I'm 
trying to split in more separate macros, that is more useful for me, 
since I have more personalized reject messages.

An other question, is it possible to add a "macro button" in the tool bar?

Thanks a lot again!
Ciao, Andrea

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