[MacEd] Newbe and macro for thunderbird

Biju G C bijumaillist at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 18 17:48:09 EST 2003

 --- "Andrea M." <acme at email.it> wrote: 
> Hi Biju, unfortunately my english doesn't permit me to express my 
> gratitude. 

not a problem, 
Actually this was helpful for all 
now we all studied how to modify text content 
of a reply message using a Macro
> I just tested you macro, and it works very well, now I'm 
> trying to split in more separate macros, that is more useful for me, 
> since I have more personalized reject messages.

Ok you can modify it, ask if help needed

> An other question, is it possible to add a "macro button" in the tool bar?

Right now not possible.

I need to do something about it. People are asking for it.

There is a extension  "External Application Buttons" by Torisugari 

If somebody can modify that to call a javascript we could realize it.

Mean while you can use hot key 
on FireBird hot key for a macro is Alt-T M then first character of macro 

but in thunderbird Alt-T M is for search
so some deiting will do the trick

edit \content\macroeditor\menu_all.xul in MacroEditor.jar

 <menu id="macro.main.menuitem"
       label="Macro" >

change  label="Macro" 
to  label="X Macro" 

now Alt-T X then first character of macro name will invoke the macro

If you are not comfortable in unzip and rezip
you could use 7-zip from http://www.7-zip.org/
it allow you to edit a file which is inside a zip file

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