[MacEd] Tip to create buttons for a macro.

Andrea M. acme at email.it
Thu Dec 18 22:49:15 EST 2003

Biju G C ha scritto:

> Install "External Application Buttons" a extension  by Torisugari 
> http://texturizer.net/thunderbird/extensions/#externalapp
> http://texturizer.net/firebird/extensions/#externalapp
> locate externalapp.jar file
> edit \content\externalapp\externalapp.js in externalapp.jar


> click the button to see whether it is working!!
> If it is working


Wow, what a big improvement! It works fine, I just added two buttons for 
my two main macros :-)is it normal to have "External Application Button" 
label near the button (with his own label)?

> modify Application path as "macro:MacroMenu.oncommand(30);"
> to call Macro number 30
> *** You are not limited to call MacroEditor Macro.          *** 
> *** You can do any function calls available on that window  *** 

Ciao, Andrea

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