[MacEd] New MacroEditor (2003.1223)

Andrea M. acme at email.it
Wed Dec 24 14:39:02 EST 2003

Biju G C ha scritto:

>  --- "Andrea M." <acme at email.it> wrote: 
>>Well, thanks, have I to uninstall previous version before to install the 
>>new one?
> very rarely, it makes problem while reinstalling any extension
> and here is solution
> http://quicktools.mozdev.org/issues.html

I did, it works fine.

>>I'd like to ask you a couple of new features before official release,
>>1) In my desktop PC I use 800x600 resolution, the OK Cancel buttons are 
>>out of screen, can you move they on the top?
> no (as far as i know)
> Instead I should redesign the GUI, with list box
> and it is more work

Ok, thanks in advance.

> a temp soln.
> goto
> \content\macroeditor\macroeditor.xul in  MacroEditor.jar
> search for
> <tab label="Macro 21" style="width:50pt" />
> remove it till 
> <tab label="Macro 30" style="width:50pt" />

I supposed it was a possible solution, i'll do it.

>>2) Is it possible to rename Macro 1 Macro 2 etc. buttons equal to the 
>>macro names?
> We could do that in future.
> I name the the macro with macro number 
> like "Reject 10", "Accept 11"

OK, thanks again.

> Merry Christmas everybody! 

And happy new year :-)

Ciao, Andrea

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