[MacEd] Q: How to write a new web page using javascript and Macro Editor

Scott Bennyhoff bennyhoff at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 13:34:07 EST 2003

To all,

My thanks for the help in the past, and now I have a new question.

I have gotten the macros to process the web page information and
display it onto an alert window.  In an attempt to make it easy to
save this information to disk, I am trying to write the data to a new
browser window, so that I can use the save file functionality of the
browser to save the data.  I am getting the information written onto
the window, but it is not finishing loading, so the only way I can
save the data is to select it, copy, then paste into a browser.  It
works, but its not very elegant.  Here is the code I am using...

// code that builds the desired string s
var new_window = window.open();
// End of code

The window opens, the text shows, but if I view the window source
there is nothing.  Also, the browser shows the window never finishes
loading.  I have the close() command above, so I don't know what I am

Can anybody help?

On a second quick question, is it possible to have the code in one
macro call the code in another macro?


Scott Bennyhoff

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