[Project_owners] admin meeting (2003-12-19) notes

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sat Dec 20 11:47:05 EST 2003

Minutes from mozdev admin meeting on 19 December, 2003
(Present: pete, david, cdn, brian)

News - Upgrade Newsfeed and Presentation on Site
- Will upgrade to RSS 2.0 (Brian)
- Need updating system, perhaps a blogging tool. Will follow up with 
M'zine and database.m.o to see
how they are using XML
- News will be more varied (POW, status reports, new projects, etc.) and 
- Will pull feed into mozdev.org front page for improved and more 
prominent news section (cdn and David)

New File Naming Scheme
- Was decided before on yyyy-mm-dd, as this is ISO compatible, and 
simple to use.
- Everyone is happy with this.

Board of Directors
- No movement on this
- Nobody has given thought to possible appointees, and lawyers are not 
asking us yet

Website Redesign
- Restrict to home page (or maybe www/) for now
- Gradual changes after that
- Begin to work off mock-up at index2.html
- Cleanup of www/ to be intgrated into this task

Bugzilla Upgrade
- New policy decided before of moving services to different boxes
- We have finally chosen the box for this installation and Pete will do 
this task
- We discussed possible enhancements to our backup system

Brian King

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