[Project_owners] calendar.mozdev.org

"Håvar I. Henriksen" havar at henriksen.nu
Tue Nov 4 20:20:23 EST 2003

On 04.11.2003 19:53, Bernd Eckstein wrote:

> the index.html is missing??
Well, d'oh. There is no such project as calendar on mozdev.org, you are 
probably looking for the Mozilla Calendar project at 
The mozdev.org site is configured so that non-existent subdomains will 
result in an index.html file not found error. So if you just misspell 
the subdomain part of the URI you would not just get an DNS error.
(But maybe that error message could have been more informative, like 
telling that there is no such project)

Håvar I. Henriksen
havar at henriksen.nu

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