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Jay Garcia Jay at JayGarcia.com
Wed Nov 5 09:59:35 EST 2003

On 05.11.03 09:12, Pete Collins wrote:

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> Jay Garcia wrote:
>> It appears that ANYbody (general public) can read our mailing list
>> archive. Is there a way to disable the archiving of our mailing list?
> That's usually the way open source projects work. You can make the list 
> private if you want in the mailman admin.

Yes, will do that.

>> And ..
>> Some of our members are under the impression that ANYbody outside of
>> MozDev (general public) can access and read our news group. I, however,
>> am under the impression that only those with the user:pass can do so. Is
>> this correct?
> The uname and pass for the newsgroups are publicly posted. It is there 
> as a deturrent to spammers.

Hmmmm, not good, we'll have to re-think this as some of our discussions
are VERY private Champ business, e.g, discussion of proposed new members
as well as other "user" issues from the n.p.m.* groups, etc. Privatizing
the mailing list seems the only course of action at the moment.

> --pete

Thanks Pete


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