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Jay Garcia Jay at JayGarcia.com
Wed Nov 5 22:22:55 EST 2003

On 05.11.03 12:51, David Boswell wrote:

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>> I'm not sure what our policy is regarards private lists. We have
>> admin private for security reasons.
>> Dave?
> i think pete already mentioned the available options, but i'll give my
> opinion on this anyway.
> i can understand why open source projects will sometimes need to have
> private conversations.  to do this, it would probably be best to email
> people directly so you don't have to worry about the archives of the
> list or newsgroup being public.
> if you do want to use the list for private conversations, then each
> owner is also the admin for their list and they can make those changes.
>  the newsgroups are't really set up to allow for each owner to admin
> their own newsgroup so we need to adopt site wide newsgroup policies
> otherwise it would be impossible for the few mozdev admins to maintain
> this.
> one option then is just to disable the newsgroup<->mailing list
> gateway.  the newsgroup can stay public and the list can be reserved
> for private conversations.
> this seems reasonable to me, but if these options don't work for anyone
> for whatever reasons we can certainly talk more about this.
> david
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Thanks Pete and David. The list is now private and I set up private news
groups on the UFAQ. We will still maintain the mailing list and
newsgroup on Mozdev ... Thanks, we have it under control.


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