[Project_owners] adding foreign languages to projects

Martin Hassman met at penguin.cz
Sat Nov 15 19:53:11 EST 2003

On 13 Nov 2003 at 9:04, Paul wrote:

> The only problem with this technique is that the extension will stay 
> in the default locale ie. en-US even if the browser is set to another 
> locale. There's one technique to prevent this, switch to en-US before 
> installing a locale file then switch back to the desired locale. If 
> it's not done the user will have to make the correction in the 
> content.rdf file in his profile/chrome folder.

This isn't a big problem, if you have properly localized Mozilla version.

E.g. in our czech Mozilla version available from http://www.czilla.cz/ are 
in the installed-chrome.txt cs-CZ entries before en-US (and profiles have 
also cs-CZ by default), so czech Mozilla users havn't these problems with 
czech localized addons.

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