[Project_owners] NSDiff?

Matthew A. McGuigan mmcguigan at webnugget.com
Sun Nov 16 19:26:42 EST 2003

Brian King wrote:

> On 16.11.2003 16:14, Matthew A. McGuigan wrote:
>> The XPI API makes reference to a program called NSDiff, but I can not 
>> seem to find the download for this file anywhere.  Could someone 
>> direct me to a place that I can download this file, for Linux in 
>> particular?  
> http://library.n0i.net/programming/java/ja-sudg/nsdiff.htm
> The download link is broken.
>> Should I be able to just use diff instead of NSDiff?
> I suspect so, depending on what you are trying to do.

Thanks for trying.  I found that page earlier as well and as you stated 
the link is broken.  Does anyone have a copy of this utility or a sample 
output file?  I was trying to not overwrite user files if they had 
already been customized by the user.  That part of my install is just a 
convenience thing anyway.  I don't need to overwrite the files for the 
other stuff to work.  I could always just forget about that part of my 
install for now, but at some point I'll want to implement it.  Any help 
is appreciated.



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