[Project_owners] contact list too exposed for spammers?

Sergey A. Chernyshev urlfix.mozdev.org at antispam.drouk.ru
Sun Nov 23 23:30:59 EST 2003

But my email was stolen from somewhere on mozdev.org (you can see that
my addresses contain a place the are used at so I can easily determine
the leaking point). And it was used for some sort of Nigerian spam.

I can put a recipient filter on this address and It'll be OK for me
if you can provide owners with some sort of automated interface to
change their email addresses using web form or CVS.


CN> On Sunday 23 November 2003 15:53, marius popa wrote:
>> Chris Neale wrote:
>> > did you look at the source ?
>> now have looked at it
>> shame on me :(
>> didn't see that is protected ...

CN> well, convoluted at any rate ... : )

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