[Project_owners] Re: spam on email addresses off of mozdev.orgpages

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Tue Nov 25 10:59:20 EST 2003

Thierry Raguin <t.raguin at netunion.com> wrote:
[bunch deleted]
>What I did on my project is a simple javascript function displaying an 
>alert message with the e-mail address 
>(http://hon.mozdev.org/members.html). It's not very user friendly but it 
>should work ok on any browser. The main problem is that it wouldn't take 
>long for spambots to also look for such methods so in the case of 
>dynamic pages, it could be interesting to replace the '[AT]' with a 
>random string...
><script type="text/javascript">
>  function mailTo (obfuscatedEmail)
>  {
>    while (obfuscatedEmail.indexOf("|") != -1)
>    {
>      obfuscatedEmail = obfuscatedEmail.replace("|", "");
>    }
>    alert(obfuscatedEmail.replace("[AT]", "@"));
>  }
><a href="Javascript: 
>mailTo('t|.|r|a|g|u|i|n[AT]n|e|t|u|n|i|o|n|.|c|o|m')">Thierry Raguin</a>
>Thierry Raguin
>t.raguin at netunion.com <= not very smart if you ask me ;)

Why don't you use something like this:

<a href="mailto:j.johnson at fbi.gov" onmouseover="this.href='mailto:j|.|j|o|h|n|s|o|n|[AT]f|b|i|.|g|o|v'.replace(/\|/g,'').replace('[AT]','@');">Joe Johnson</a>

Send all your SPAM to Joe and he will take care of you :-) 


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