[Project_owners] Re: spam on email addresses off of mozdev.org pages

Christian Willy Asmussen - Gerente de Desenvolvimento krico at mandic.com
Tue Nov 25 15:43:59 EST 2003

    we use a qmail-ldap instalation, but it's pretty much the same as a 
regular qmail install.  We use rblsmtpd with several dnsbl lists.  Then 
we have monitors that verify the number of messages sent by an IP and 
block it if a limit is exceeded.

David Boswell wrote:

>>I manage an e-mail ISP.  I handle e-mails every day.  I might be
>>able to help some!
>that would be great.  maybe a good place to start is if you tell us how
>you deal with spam at your isp.  then we can compare that with what
>we're already doing and we can see what else we can do.
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