[Project_owners] mozdev lxr

massey massey at stlouis-shopper.com
Wed Sep 3 10:54:15 EDT 2003

I just tried entering 'file.js' into the 'File Name Search' field at 
mozdev.org/lxr and got the 'Page Not Found' mozdev page. Something is 
wrong. Also just clicking the /mozdev link gives the 404 page.

In any case if the uri's for the lxr free text searches have changed 
from what they were in May please let me know so that I may fix the 
wiki.pl to send the propper uri. The wiki lxr:// uri is detailed here:

> http://wiki.mozdev.org:8080/cgi-bin/mozdev-wiki.pl?MozdevWikiCustomizations

This used to work. I am sure it will again.:-)

Pete Collins wrote:

> massey wrote:
>> It apears that the mozdev lxr search is not working! The search forms 
>> at mozdev.org/lxr takes you to a 'Page not found'. This also breaks 
>> the wiki lxr:// uri's. It seems like the lxr search forms are 
>> pointing at 'mozdev.org/http/search?' instead of 
>> 'mozdev.org/lxr/search?'
>> What's up?
> It works.
> http://www.mozdev.org/lxr/http/find?string=file.js
> Just freetext search is broken. I need to fix it.

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