[Project_owners] Blocking "Backmenu"

Paradox paradox5555 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 9 13:53:45 EDT 2003

>    I tried this script but couldn't get it to work
> (probably did something wrong...), but maybe you could try to add
> an "return false;" or "halt" on the end of the function.
> Maybe try to change this attribute/event:
> onpupshowing
> and have it read "return false" or "halt"
> and also "oncontextmenu" wich is triggered when you
> rightclick/contextclick the item you could also use "hidePopup()"
> as a last way out...
> Hope something of this helps

I think you misunderstood, I don't want to prevent the context menu 
from showing, rather I want to steal the click when someone clicks on 
one of the context menu's entries and have it run my function rather 
than doing the default (which is to go to that history entry in the 
current tab). That eventlistener can do that, if I have it call my 
function, but I cannot get it to prevent the browser default, so right 
now middle clicking a history dropdown entry causes my function 
(history entry to open in new tab) AND the current tab goes to that 
history entry as well. 

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