[Project_owners] Overlay to add column to grid?

Erwin Wessels erwin at transpontine.com
Wed Sep 10 11:17:50 EDT 2003

David Fraser wrote:

> Erwin Wessels wrote:
>> Pete Collins <pete at mozdev.org> wrote:
>>> > The problem is, I'm trying to do it in a xul file - not from JS. 
>>> In my overlay xul file, I want to specify that this new column goes 
>>> after the existing columns > in the grid. For menu items, this would 
>>> be straightforward - <menuitem id="foo" 
>>> insertafter="bar">..</menuitem>, but for <column>, this doesn't seem 
>>> to > work.
>>> Ah, ok. Did you try insertBefore just for giggles?
>>> insertAfter and insertBefore should work for any xul element.
>>> You might not be able to see a newly added column w/out it's 
>>> corresponding <row> element.
>>> --pete
>> Yeah, I tried the insertBefore. Same deal, no giggles..
>> Without it's corresponding <row> element? It's in the same 
>> row?</confused>
>> -Erwin
> The question is, are the rows or columns seen as top-level? It may be 
> the rows are in the columns rather than the other way round
> David
> BTW, Which file are you trying to add it to?

The columns are in the rows, as I take it - the code is below 
(non-relevant parts replaced by ...):

    <grid id="collapsedHeaderView" ... >


        <row flex="1"/>



        <column class="collapsedToggleHdrBox">...</column>      

        <column id="collapsedsubjectBox" ... >...</column>

        <column id="collapsedfromBox" ...>...</column>

        <column id = "collapseddateBox" ...>...</column>

        <column id="collapsedKeywordBox">...</column>



This code's in TB, messenger/msgHdrViewOverlay.xul .



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