[Project_owners] XMLHttpRequest() object

Doron Rosenberg doron at nexgenmedia.net
Wed Sep 10 22:58:54 EDT 2003

XMLHttpRequest is asyncronous by default, so do this:

p.open("POST", "http://xxx.yyy.com/process.php", true);
var myResult = p.responseXML

or if you want it to be async, do
before the open();

Biju G C wrote:

>  using XMLHttpRequest() object
>  how can "POST" some information to a PHP script
>  and how do i retrieve that info in PHP script.
>I tried following.
>   var p = new XMLHttpRequest();
>   p.open("POST", "http://xxx.yyy.com/process.php", false);
>   p.send("code=aaaa");
>but, I was not able to capture data in php script
>PS:  I was able to send data as query string.
>   var p = new XMLHttpRequest();
>   p.open("POST", "http://xxx.yyy.com/process.php?code=aaaa", false);
>   p.send(null);
>Thanks in advance.
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