[Project_owners] Clarification for a SeaMonkey User

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Sat Sep 13 15:14:49 EDT 2003

Whew!!! Reading, Ben's, HJ's, Axel's and John's remarks I feel a bit 
*relieved* that i'm not the *only one* in the dark here. I was 
anticipating a barrage of negative criticism to my simple humble 
question. So my inclination that there is really no clear direction for 
the Mozilla project is not unfounded.

Well, Mozilla technology is essential to the life of Mozdev and the work 
we all do here, so this is a very important matter of concern.

At least now I am *real clear* that the direction of Mozilla is indeed 
very unclear. This appears to be the side effect of a major transitonal 
period for Mozilla. It is also the result of not having a clear vision 
for Mozilla since the onset of the project.

I'd say this is just a typical growth stage for an important Open Source 


Pete Collins

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