[Project_owners] MS Office and Seamonkey

John Dobbins john at brandxcomputers.com
Sat Sep 13 23:29:12 EDT 2003

MS Office, not exactly one of the more popular suites among open source 
programmers, but it does have some lessons.

It wasn't too long ago that Word Perfect and Lotus each dominated a part 
of the market that Office dominates now. A Pair of stand alone aps. A 
lot of people considered them to be better than thier equlavants from 
Microsoft, but MS Office had one big advantage, it is an integrated 
package that was better than just the sum of it's parts. That is 
something that Mozilla is throwing away with this bird plan. Seamonkey 
had the two types of applications that are most popular in an internet 
package, a browser and a mail client in one easy to use package. Why 
because a loud minority like a different mail reader. That could be 
addressed with the seamonkey, just build it without mail for the people 
who don't like it. Just a simple "ac_add_options --disable-mailnews" and 
you have a build that will make the mail haters happy without breaking 
the tight integration that the rest of the users like.


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