[Project_owners] MS Office and Seamonkey

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch.news at beonex.com
Mon Sep 15 19:02:09 EDT 2003

Fernando Cassia wrote:

> In Mozilla 1.4/Netscape 7.1, I love right clicking on an email address 
> and adding that address to the address book. I love on Netscape Mail 
> being able to see the aim icon/status next to an @aol.com 
> /@netscape.net email address.
> I love being able to select "Edit Page" from Navigator to have the 
> page instantly load in Composer.

FYI, all (or almost all) that can be done with separate apps, and it's 
one of the main objectives of the mailnews developers to get that kind 
of integration done before they consider Thunderbird ready.

Personally, I generally totally support the idea of separate 
applications. It makes no sense to have mailnews composer crashing, 
because you clicked the wrong link in the browser. I never liked it that 
Mailnews and the browser are the same process. Compare also e.g. bug 
42456 and bug 95130.

The specific implementation and project management is a totally 
different matter.

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