[Project_owners] Clarification for a SeaMonkey User

Neil Deakin enndeakin at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 15 13:46:01 EDT 2003

A lot of people seem to be confused about the whole birds vs suite 
thing. Here is my understanding of what is going to happen:

- Mozilla the suite isn't going away. However, at some point, its UI and 
XUL toolkit will be replaced by the Firebird/Thunderbird UI and will 
still be a suite.
- When downloading the installer build, you will get the choice of what 
components to download and install, just like you do now. Mail, 
Composer, DOM Inspector, Venkman, and other things will be part of those 
choices. I saw some mockups of this process on Ben Goodger's site somewhere.
- some of the extra features will probably be integration features. 
Users who like a slimmed-down version can either check 'browser only' or 
download a browser only release.
- the applications will share a single GRE, so the size will be similar 
to what the suite is now, assuming you choose all of the components.
- due to the different UI, you may have some advanced features that 
won't be in the normal build. To get the suite however, you don't have 
to do anything special.
- one reason Firebird isn't at 1.0 yet is because of UI features and 
prefs that the developers realized are necessary, such as security 
related UI.

I think the only real difference to an end user is that the Seakmonkey 
suite will become a Bird suite and the UI will be different. If you 
don't like the new UI, that's too bad. It doesn't make sense to maintain 
two different ones with the limited resources available.

Someone mentioned having to update extensions continuously. Mozilla's 
unusual versioning scheme is probably partly at fault here. Officially, 
mozilla.org have only ever released two stable API versions, 1.0 and 
1.4. The idea is that if API compatibility is important, third party 
developers only develop for those versions. The version numbering system 
should be modified so that this clearer I think. Mozilla is downloaded 
by so many different people though, many of which use nightly builds and 
betas and so forth; many of these people will want you to make sure your 
extension works on the latest nightly build. If you do this, of course 
you're going to have to update it frequently. If instead you write it 
only for the stable releases, you'll find you have much less work to do.

By the way, are any of these comments being read or forwared to the 
Mozilla Foundation?

/ Neil

>1) isn't mozilla still undergoing modifications or what? Why do people still think mozilla's suit can't be improved in the same amount of time? Why not remove the bloat from the suit as well? 
>2) add the missing parts to mozillaFirebird and see how it slows down!
>Not to mention the download time/size!
>3) what about the missing prefs and menu items? I can't live with a crappy stripped down browser UI.
>4) what number of extensions would I need to install to get something similar to the suit?
>And finally, mozilla nor mozillaFirebird or anything else made of mozilla  will EVER be the number one browser app/suit for the general Joe user. 
>Mozilla is just another freaks/geeks browser product, that's all it is and that's all it will be, or dead. Remember, AOL dumped 50 people because of this fact! I feel sorry for the new Mozilla Foundation because they will be next.
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