[Project_owners] Clarification for a SeaMonkey User

Fabio Serra mab at faser.net
Tue Sep 16 02:44:03 EDT 2003

At 18.31 15/09/2003, you wrote:
>There is no Killer feature in Mozilla that gives IE users a reason to change.
>Mozilla as a platform is another story. If the Mozilla platform had a wide 
>range of applications in addition to just the birds, something similar to 
>KDE or Gnome, that could run on any system and could be bundled on a 
>single CD, then Windows users would have far more reasons to install the 
>package, but that isn't going to happen as long as the Mozilla Foundation 
>remains fixated on the birds ignoring the people who want to use the 
>Mozilla platform to extend the usability of the birds as well as creating 
>new applications.

IMHO there is no way to move general users from IE to Mozilla. They don't 
care of extra Mozilla feature and Mozilla has lost the browser battle. 
That's a fact.
Changing the name of the browser was not a good choice. I see every day a 
lot of people confused about these "new"  FB browser. When I have to talk 
to a customer and I want to propose to develop an intranet in XUL that 
works only in Mozilla, they look me strange. I have to reassure them saying 
that Mozilla is Netscape! If I say Netscape I have more chance, saying 
Mozilla is more difficult, saying Firebirds is impossible. I think that FB 
would not be publicized until it is finished. Otherwise I have to say that 
NS is dead, Mozilla is going to dead and the Firebirds release is the 0.6.

 From my developer point of view, my concern about the transition is that I 
have to check the extension in 2 browsers and I don't know when FB will be 
released and if my extensions will still work.

Anyway I thinks that not everything is lost. I think the only chance is to 
leverage on developers side. If developers can find a good enviroment to 
code applications, the users will move too. The easiest target are web 
developers instead of desktop developers. I don't belive too much at 
Mozilla as a desktop platform like a JVM.

Now XPFE is so close to be the perfect toolkit to develop web based 
applications. Everyday a lot of web developers are fighting with DHTML to 
make web browser applications similar to the desktop one because customers 
ask for complex applications that can be loaded from a browser and that can 
run remotely.

I think XUL is so close to be a Nirvana for web developers, but XUL need 
more attentions about remote applications. I mean the possibility to load 
<!ENTITY> from a relative URL and not only from chrome, the ability to use 
XMLHttpRequest() with simpler security policy, better web services 
implementation, improvement in the xul widgets like the ability to edit 
tree  etc etc.

I know people who tried to use XUL and liked it, but for these limitations 
and for the lack of clear documentations (xul planet is not enought they 
ask for something like the PHP Manual) they move away and they are going to 
Flash MX or to Java Web Start. Do you see the new Flash MX with AS 2 (JS 2) 
and Macromedia Central? They talk about Rich Client Applications.
They are trying to do what Mozilla/XUL can do today with only some 

Maybe this post is a little OT, but my main concern is that we are wasting 
resource when we just have a complete suite and we have to produce "only" 
an API and good documentations to help programmers.

Fabio Serra

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