[Project_owners] Clarification for a SeaMonkey User

Erwan Loisant erwan at loisant.org
Tue Sep 16 14:51:38 EDT 2003

HJ wrote:
> Fabio Serra <mab at faser.net> wrote:
> "...works only in Mozilla, they look me strange. I have to reassure them saying that Mozilla is Netscape! If I say Netscape I have more chance, saying"
> BINGO!!! The Mozilla Foundation should stick to the Netscape brand, if that's even possible, because that would be a huge win.

My experience shows the contrary. If I say to someone who never heard 
about Mozilla or Firebird that he should use it, he gets interested into 
this "new technology".

If I talk about Netscape, they just think about Communicator 4 that was 
still used even when completely obsolete, and Netscape 5 build on a 
milestone of Mozilla that was really slow and buggy.

So around me, Netscape have a very bad image.

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