[Project_owners] A MozDev Mission Statement?

Biju G C bijumaillist at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 17 05:33:15 EDT 2003

... ( Sorry, for being late to responsed )

 --- Pete Collins <pete at mozdev.org> wrote: > 
> It's a platform right?
> So using this logic, it may be safe to say "Mozilla is a platform". A 
> new system for writing cross platform applications using web technologies.
> If this is indeed true. Then what needs to be done to make a platform 
> more useful?
> First clearly state what Mozilla is. Plaster it on the web site. You now 
> have your first piece of very important documentation.
> "Mozilla is a platform"
> Then proceed from there.
> Mozdev has obviously always considered Mozilla a platform. But because 

if Mozilla is a platform, Mozilla should 
NOT be considered as a replacement/competitor for IE/Outlook

If IE is not a competitor for Mozilla, 
We should take more interest in a GRE plugin for IE

When We make a XUL app we should also target IE users.

To demonstrate I modified http://games.mozdev.org/
(available at http://quicktools.mozdev.org/test/test1.html )
to run in IE

to see that in IE U hav to "regsvr32 mozctlx.dll"

more details at 

Now work remaining is a web setup and some bug fixing.


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