[Project_owners] A MozDev Mission Statement?

Daniel Fournier dfour at noos.fr
Wed Sep 17 08:44:21 EDT 2003

Tim Stebbing wrote:
 > We should start the build as a Mozdev project, madbird.mozdev.org, and
 > every other project owner should have some buy-in. Build it and they
 > will come ;)

That's a reasonable proposition:
I'm one of those developers who adopted Mozilla (one year ago) because 
it is the best web development platform, even if documentation is tricky 
(I quickly ported a previous JS Console and JSAssertUnit, now a Mozdev 
project, only using Mozilla stable releases).

My best wish, as many developers, is to be confident that today's work 
will not be invalidated by further changes, unless I'm prepared to. 
That's why I try to use only XPCOM frozen interfaces in Mozlib, the 
underlaying JS Console lib wrapping XPCOM I/O, RDF, etc. interfaces.

So, let's build a MADBird, let's document it where needed and let's USE 
it as a Mozdev project development platform.

Daniel Fournier

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