[Project_owners] MAD Mission

Tim Stebbing tim.stebbing at nunatak.com.au
Thu Sep 18 14:42:27 EDT 2003

massey wrote:

> What can be done to help push 'mozilla the platform' in the right 
> direction? What can mozdev the community do to help? How can this _one_ 
> toolkit become the focus and advanced?

Like I said earlier, build it and they will come. There has been enough 
talk, some people don't like the idea of MADBird, well thats fine, they 
don't have to help.

The point is we don't need anyones approval to start this thing, we 
don't need a % of peoples support, however I'm sure once we start 
producing something of worth everyone will use it.

Someone (pete?) create a new madbird project on mozdev, and anyone who 
is interested should say so and then as a group we can start exploring 
our options. Perhaps a mailing list on mozdev for madbird would be a 
good place to start discussion.

Perhaps we will go with a build + devel extensions?

Perhaps as massey suggests it will evolve into a toolkit, that down the 
track even future firebirds will be built on.

Perhaps once we start we will be the proverbial cattle-prod that moves 
the focus from mozilla the browser to mozilla the platform, and MADBird 
will fade into obscurity, but be satisfied having been the catalyst for 
something greater..

who knows, there is only one way to find out, and thats to start.


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