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Raj Saini raj.saini at bttlindia.com
Mon Sep 22 13:06:19 EDT 2003

*Hi Devid,

Below is the proejct update for jsbeep.mozdev.org. Please include it in 
your status report for *mozillazine.


Raj Saini
*jjsBEEP* is a JavaScript implementation of *Block Extensible Exchange 
Protocol (BEEP)*. BEEP is generic application protocol kernel for 
connection-oriented, asynchronous interactions. BEEP is documented in 
RFC 3080 of IETF. Mapping the BEEP Core onto TCP are documented in RFC 
3081. To learn more about BEEP please visit BEEP Comunity site . 

The *jsBEEP* is a client side implementation of BEEP protocol in 
JavaScript. It is still in early alpha stage. You can get a copy of code 
from cvs. Look at the beep-test.js in cvs for ussage of the library. 
This example have a echo profile implemented You can can use the Echo 
Profile as a template for your own profiles.

jjsBEEP is intended to be used with mozilla based stand alone 
applications. I am using it for Stock Trading client application. 
However it should also be possible to use it from mozilla browser for 
async, connection oriented interections. For example, you can show the 
real time stock prices from a BEEP server updated on your web page tick 
by tick


>i wanted to send one more reminder about sending in project updates for
>the next status report for mozillazine.  i'll try getting something out
>sometime next week.
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