[Project_owners] Minutes from mozdev admin meeting on 9/22/03

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 22 08:21:55 EDT 2003

Present: pete, david, cdn


- Full backups in place now on new server
- Process still needs a little more work to be fully automated


- We just wrote two checks for The WebStop (one for hosting backup
server, one for hosting main server)
- Nukes web hosting donated and has been added to the supporters
- We should go more in depth with finances in future meeting

Bandwidth usage

- On the main server we've gone from serving 4 gigs/day to 7
gigs/day since moving to new hosting facility
- It's great to have the growth, we just need to make sure it's
not coming from files that should be on download mirror (xpi, tar,

Admin Tools
- Posted draft of planning document
- Posted a few new tools in past few weeks
- We now have almost a full replacement for earlier Java based
tool setup
- Next steps: consolidate new tools then fully automate project

3rd Birthday

- Birthday note posted to mozillazine on Friday
- Brian to make mozdev the project of the week for this week

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