[Project_owners] New Fast XPCOM Component Wizard Tool

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Mon Sep 22 13:20:28 EDT 2003

I just implemented a new tool this weekend that enables a Mozilla 
developer to quickly and easily whip up the project file stubs to 
compile an XPCOM component in the mozilla/extensions folder.



Say you have a checked out compiled Mozilla tree on your hardrive and 
want to create an XPCOM component an a registered extensions project 
called "spiderman", (AKA: --enable-extensions=spiderman) all you need to 
do is this.

$ cd /path/to/mozilla
$ wget http://fastcomponent.mozdev.org/scripts/fast_component.sh
$ sh fast_component -c spiderman;

The above three steps will create a mozilla/extensions/spiderman project 
and compile it for you.

If you want to test it out:

$ sh fast_component -t spiderman;

The above command will test your newly compiled XPCOM componet in 
xpcshell for you.

If you have an XPCOM component you want to create or are curious and 
want to play around w/ sample code to see how it all works, this tool 
will do it for you in seconds if you have a decent network connection.

Creating a mozilla/extensions project is a process that takes hours to 
do. This tool reduces all that work to seconds. It is currently only 
tested on Linux, but should/will work on windows gygwin or any GNU 

I plan on adding the resources/ stub files real soon, so you can easily 
create an xpi xul package and run it with a simple command.

Watch the site for updates and new additions to this tool.



Pete Collins

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