[Project_owners] New Fast XPCOM Component Wizard Tool

Robert J. Accettura robert at accettura.com
Mon Sep 22 13:40:26 EDT 2003



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Pete Collins wrote:

> I just implemented a new tool this weekend that enables a Mozilla 
> developer to quickly and easily whip up the project file stubs to 
> compile an XPCOM component in the mozilla/extensions folder.
> HowTo:
>   http://fastcomponent.mozdev.org/docs/howto.html
> Say you have a checked out compiled Mozilla tree on your hardrive and 
> want to create an XPCOM component an a registered extensions project 
> called "spiderman", (AKA: --enable-extensions=spiderman) all you need 
> to do is this.
> $ cd /path/to/mozilla
> $ wget http://fastcomponent.mozdev.org/scripts/fast_component.sh
> $ sh fast_component -c spiderman;
> The above three steps will create a mozilla/extensions/spiderman 
> project and compile it for you.
> If you want to test it out:
> $ sh fast_component -t spiderman;
> The above command will test your newly compiled XPCOM componet in 
> xpcshell for you.
> If you have an XPCOM component you want to create or are curious and 
> want to play around w/ sample code to see how it all works, this tool 
> will do it for you in seconds if you have a decent network connection.
> Creating a mozilla/extensions project is a process that takes hours to 
> do. This tool reduces all that work to seconds. It is currently only 
> tested on Linux, but should/will work on windows gygwin or any GNU 
> environment.
> I plan on adding the resources/ stub files real soon, so you can 
> easily create an xpi xul package and run it with a simple command.
> Watch the site for updates and new additions to this tool.
> Enjoy!
> --pete

Robert J. Accettura
robert at accettura.com

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