[Project_owners] Notes Abuse - require registration

Biju G C bijumaillist at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 25 21:44:53 EDT 2003

 --- Brian Bober <netdemonz at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> I think people should be required to register in order to post notes. This is
> getting ridiculous. Its a simple case of a few people ruining something for
> everyone, but I believe the logical step to take is to require registration.

That is good Idea to reduce SPAM...
But SPAMER will also do registration and do SPAM.

And if registration process long it will 
discourage legitimate user from posting.

I hate creating ID for each and every site
So can V invent something like MSN Passport.
Which will allow one to use a single Id for Mozillazine, Mozdev, 
Bugzilla at Mozdev, Bugzilla at Mozilla

Another issue.
No where in NOTES page we are telling dont SPAM.
or not telling what all can be posted there.
So technically SPAMER at Mozdev notes is not doing
what he is not supposed to do.

I suggest 
 1. there should be a message telling dont SPAM,
 2. another one telling we are tracking IP

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