[Project_owners] Notes Abuse - require registration

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Fri Sep 26 11:10:10 EDT 2003

Biju G C <bijumaillist at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Pete Collins <pete at mozdev.org> wrote: > 
Cool, I wrote exactly the same thing as Pete :D
>> So, could this be done? Can we please include the IP, hidden that is?
>> Dhris did that already.
>> We have IP, user agent etc from the spammer. The *problem* is they are 
>> coming from a dialup.
>By noting down the IP and time. 
>Any were in the world we could track the user.
>Or at least we can report to the ISP about this abuse.
>And many times the SPAMER needs only a warning we are doing that.

I am only interested in comments from moz users, so why don't you check the used browser? Simply disable the add feature for notes in case ther ar not using a moz browser. After all, that's our target group. 


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