[Project_owners] Re: Project_owners Digest, Vol 3, Issue 38

Brian Bober netdemonz at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 26 13:49:41 EDT 2003

> From: Biju G C

>  --- Brian Bober wrote: 
> > I think people should be required to register in order to post notes. This
> is
> > getting ridiculous. Its a simple case of a few people ruining something for
> > everyone, but I believe the logical step to take is to require
> registration.
> That is good Idea to reduce SPAM...
> But SPAMER will also do registration and do SPAM.
> And if registration process long it will 
> discourage legitimate user from posting.
> I hate creating ID for each and every site
> So can V invent something like MSN Passport.
> Which will allow one to use a single Id for Mozillazine, Mozdev, 
> Bugzilla at Mozdev, Bugzilla at Mozilla

What about something like "Mozilla Passport" with a different name? Sounds like
a good idea, and one more thing that will be in direct opposition to
Microsoft's attempt to control.

> Another issue.
> No where in NOTES page we are telling dont SPAM.
> or not telling what all can be posted there.
> So technically SPAMER at Mozdev notes is not doing
> what he is not supposed to do.

I don't think this is necessary. The spammers know full well what they ar
doing. No reason to make a rule for something blatantly obvious.

Bugs4HJ wrote:

> True, but we should also add something used in a lot of forums. I guess
> you've all seen the links with IP:logged.
> So, could this be done? Can we please include the IP, hidden that is?

I dunno how much this would help. Many spammers do it from compromised

> /HJ

From: Erwin Wessels

> A technique I haven't seen mentioned is filtering, i.e. if words like viagra,
> etc. (use your imagination) are used, don't post the note. *ponder* Bayesian
> filtering, maybe? Anyway, I guess we don't have to start out so fancy - just
> making an exclusion list will do.

I like this idea, because although I don't want to moderate every posting, I
would like to assign key phrases that throw up a flag that it needs being
moderated. URLs other than mozdev*, mozilla*, etc might throw up this flag too

From: Biju G C

> By noting down the IP and time. 
> Any were in the world we could track the user.
> Or at least we can report to the ISP about this abuse.
> And many times the SPAMER needs only a warning we are doing that.

Will work when they are not using a compromised machine, but with these viruses
going around, I have gotten returned emails I never sent because of spoofing of
my email address. These viruses also have a spoofed IP because they are on a
compromised system and all they have to do is set up the virus to relay HTTP
information and there really isn't much we could do. The ISP nor the FBI is
going to spend the money to investigate. The whole internet needs to be
overhauled to be mroe traceable but in the process we'd also lose our
anonymity, so its like a double-edged sword.

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