[Project_owners] Cleaned up Notes data

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Sun Sep 28 16:40:34 EDT 2003

Brian King wrote:
> Pete Collins wrote:
>> ...
>> There is still a lot more work to do. So if anyone knows some notes 
>> pages that still has a lot of spam links on it please post the address 
>> here so I can add those links to the clean script and do another pass.
> http://www.worldwidehometypists.com/members/jr4115/
> What does the script do? Remove links, or just disable them with a line 
> through them? I have seen both in notes.

Yes, it removes the links. The spammers strategy is to have as many 
links to their site from mozdev sites (projects) as possible. This way 
when google and other search bots spider Mozdev, the spammers will get 
better search hits. I think most search engines rate results based on 
how many sites link the them.

So if for example, they have 100 different mozdev project pages all 
linking to their site, it will improve their placing in a search result.

So this is the logic they are using. By removing the links, they will 
eventually go away, because w/out the page persisting their links, their 
effort is a total waste of time. And that's what we want to do for a 
change, waste the spammers time. :)


Pete Collins

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