[Project_owners] Cleaned up Notes data

Stephen Clavering mozilla at clav.me.uk
Mon Sep 29 01:06:58 EDT 2003

Pete Collins wrote:

> Ok, I got to spend most of Sunday morning and afternoon collecting 
> spam links for a clean script. I cleaned up a *large* portion of spam 
> on all the notes data w/ this script.

> New posts are now not allowed to post a link unless it is part of the 
> Mozilla Network.

Is this a variable that can be set to change this behaviour?

For ExtensionRoom it's helpful if people can post links to new 
extensions they want adding to the database.  Doesn't matter if they're 
not linkified, but discarding the post altogether is not good.

> There is still a lot more work to do. So if anyone knows some notes 
> pages that still has a lot of spam links on it please post the address 
> here so I can add those links to the clean script and do another pass.

every page at http://games.mozdev.org/   (click the More Info links for 
each game).

http://games.mozdev.org/xultris/ is particularly bad.  there's probably 
several hundred links on it  : (

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